Corporate Profile

Brief History

1949Mr. Yokichi Domeki established in Sukegawa-cho, Hitachi City with a capital of 1 million yen.
1955Completed sheathed heater and began marketing.
1961Completed the sheathed thermocouple and began marketing.
1963Completed the sheathed Micro Heater and began marketing.
1965Opened Osaka Sales Office.
1968Completed the sheathed resistance bulb and began marketing.
Completed its own products of high heat flux fuel pin simulator for the fast breeder and delivered the product to the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.
1971Increased the capital to 100 million yen.
Constructed a sodium experimental facility for development,improvement and testing of nuclear power equipment in Namekawa Factory.
1972Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
1974Delivered in ECCS fuel pin simulator to the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute after its first-part delivery.
Raised Tokyo Sales Office to the status of Tokyo Branch.
1976Increased the capital to 150 million yen.
Newly established a wire manufacturing plant as the first phase of plant expansion projects at Tezuna Kogyo Danchi.
Won the prestigious Tanabe Invention Merits Award for development of induction type sodium liquid level indicator.
1977Exported for the first time fuel rods to E. G. & G. Company of the U.S.A. while delivering the sodium liquid level indicator to the Electricite de France (EDF) in France.
1978Established an assembly factory for large-sized nuclear power related apparatus as the second phase of Takahagi Factory expansion project.
1980Won the Invention Merits Award for development of fuel pin simulator on the occasion of the Fifth invention honoring ceremony under the auspices of Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
1981Mr. Yokichi Domeki was granted the Blue Ribbon Medal for development of fuel pin rods.
1982Exported for the first time an assembly of heat wire manufacturing plant to the Soviet Union.
Won the Nishiumi Memorial Award (Society for Businessmen) for development of annular passage way and linear induction type electromagnetic pump.
1983Won the Science Technology Agency Director-General’s Award for development of induction type sodium liquid level indicator.
1984Increased the capital to 260 million yen.
Mr.Yokichi Domeki was granted the Research and Development Award on the occasion of the First best management honoring (under the auspices of Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun).
1987Mr. Yokichi Domeki was granted the Fourth Order of Merit with Small Cordon of the Rising Sun.
1988Constructed a clean room facility for assembling of ultra vacuum components in Takahagi Factory.
Increased the capital to 341.5 million yen.
Mr.Koichi Domeki took his post as the president.
1989Opened Tsukuba Office.
1990A Minister of Labor superior prize is awarded as a labor safety superior place of business.
1991Stocks are registered into Securities Dealers Association of Japan.
Increased the capital to 921.1 million yen.
1998Acquired ISO9001
1999Acquired JCSS
2004Acquired ISO14001
2009The 4th JSME excellent product prize is won from JSME to the technology and the achievement of Simulated fuel assemblies for nuclear reactors.
2015Mr.Osamu Kotaki took his post as the president.